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Extemporaneous Pesto


Here’s a sad fact: I spent a lot of my life being totally clueless as to what I’m good at, even when it was very obvious. I spent 90 percent of my classroom hours in high school scribbling furiously in my notebook, producing a continuous stream of consciousness account of my life, yet it never once occurred to me that I should perhaps join the school newspaper.

In college, I participated in debate and at my very first event I won a prize (a pewter plate!) for getting the most extemporaneous speaking points. I knew from my countless hours of STA vocab flash card drills that extemporaneous meant “composed, performed, or uttered spur of the moment: impromptu.” I was so proud! So, of course, I instantly quit and resumed my full time extra curricular activity of chasing the wrong boys. Continue Reading →

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Gift Certificate Giveway


I have wanted to thank everyone who reads this blog for tuning in and leaving comments. Pulling it together was a pretty big project for me and I really appreciate that some people seem to read and appreciate it. So, in the spirit of gratitude, I’m holding my first giveaway: I have a $10 gift certificate to the Fair Food Farmstand and a $10 gift certificate for Green Aisle Grocery. (Sorry, readers who live other places–maybe someday I’ll have something for you.) That’s $20 in local, artisan, gourmet groceries. It would be a good excuse for someone to check out both places. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post between now and noon next Monday, January 11. Then I will generate a random number to pick the winner. Please feel free to also guess what’s in the hangover juice canister in my pantry. Hint: not sold at Fair Food Farmstand or Green Aisle.

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Roasted Broccoli


Broccoli is a divisive food. Some love it in all its forms; other recoil at the tiniest whiff of this cousin to the cabbage. I’m in the love camp, while Dan is more of a recoiler. We’ve bridged the divide, though, with two important techniques. One, roasting the broccoli, a cooking method that is easily applied across the vegetable kingdom, and, two, the liberal application of mayonnaise as a condiment. The roasting brings out the broccoli’s sweetness and the mayo adds a satisfying dimension of flavor, and most importantly, fat. Continue Reading →

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