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Sausage & Potato Puffs


I love to make these addictive appetizers for parties. This batch was for a recent girl’s night in at a friend’s house.  I started making them right after I saw the recipe in the December 2006 issue of Food & Wine, and they’ve become something people remember and request. Continue Reading →

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Eating Alone

LaLupeTacos Eating alone is a tough one for me. I should modify that: eating alone at a restaurant is tough for me. I don’t know why. I eat at home alone all the time. Continue Reading →

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Roasted Broccoli


Broccoli is a divisive food. Some love it in all its forms; other recoil at the tiniest whiff of this cousin to the cabbage. I’m in the love camp, while Dan is more of a recoiler. We’ve bridged the divide, though, with two important techniques. One, roasting the broccoli, a cooking method that is easily applied across the vegetable kingdom, and, two, the liberal application of mayonnaise as a condiment. The roasting brings out the broccoli’s sweetness and the mayo adds a satisfying dimension of flavor, and most importantly, fat. Continue Reading →

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Fresh Pasta

PastaDoughUnkneadedPasta is one of those things that is so simple in theory–just flour and eggs at its most basic–but the complexities of technique are many. Plenty of recipes suggest that a whazz in the food processor is all that’s required for getting the right dough texture, which should be supple and elastic with a muted satiny sheen. Other recipes claim that kneading by hand is the only way to do it right, and methods get pretty detailed, specifying a quarter turn of the dough here, a 90 degree fold there; some writers dictate a style that relies on the hills and valleys of knuckles as opposed to the blunt heel of the hand. Some recipes instruct you to allow the dough to rest while others tell you to roll it right away. It can leave you wondering how something so ancient and simple sounding invites so many contrasting opinions. Continue Reading →

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