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Meal Plan Monday

I really picked a weird time to get back to blogging. My Dad is still in the hospital, which has meant frequent 2-hour round trips to the hospital to see him. Last week’s meal plan wasn’t followed that well. There were numerous meals eaten on the run. It’s tough to cook when you are feeling emotionally drained. Hopefully we’ll turn the corner here soon. Continue Reading →

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Weigh In Wednesday

I know it’s Thursday. This crisis with my father has escalated–he’s still in the hospital, and I’ve spent hours and days trying to find a new housing situation for him that will get him closer to me. My efforts to eat better and be more active have crumbled in recent days. I’ve been eating pizza and drinking for stress reduction and generally not sticking with the program. Yesterday I weighed in at 162.5–one half pound down from last Wednesday. I know it’s important when you need to take care of someone else to take care of yourself first. It’s just a hard principle to put into practice. I’m going to keep trying.

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Meal Plan Monday

This meal plan for the week is coming to you again some steep odds against it. Everything has been intensely crazy with my Dad since last week. He’s currently in the hospital and I’m frantically trying to find him an apartment in my neighborhood so I can look after him when he’s out. We ended up eating a couple of unplanned restaurant weeks because of the turmoil and I want to minimize that even though I know it will continue to be hard, at least for a while. Continue Reading →

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Weigh-In Wednesday

So, on Wednesdays I’m planning to blog my weight. This week, it’s 163.3–that’s seven tenths of a pound less than what I weighed last Wednesday. Not exactly reality show territory but pretty great for actual reality, especially when that reality involves recipe testing one’s way through a dessert chapter. I have just handful of desserts left to go and hopefully I’ll have all the highest calorie recipes in my rear view mirror at last. Continue Reading →

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What I Weigh … Today

I have a small confession to make here. I’ve kind of hidden this blog. It’s now tucked away behind a tab and not my home page anymore. Why? Because I need to go back to blogging about weight and I don’t need that to be my homepage. (Not that I think anyone will read this, but I should also say: Trigger warning! If you tend to stress and obsess about your weight please mosey along. I don’t need to bring you down in my stressing and obsessing, OK?) Continue Reading →

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