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My New (Old) Blog

Hi. Are you looking for my blog about weight, food, and body image? Join me over at What I Weigh Today.

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Weigh In Wednesday

Strangely, I weigh more than a pound less than last week. Today I’m at 163.4.

I say strangely because there was just a lot of food and booze in my life these past seven days. One afternoon, as I was typing up recipes from my testing notes, I heard our mailbox open and shut. I decided to go check the mail. But when I opened the door, a weird thing happened. I walked out of it. Before I really knew what I was doing I was searching for an ice cream sandwich. Continue Reading →

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Meal (un)Plan Monday

Last week, I didn’t blog because I was busy trying to solve my problems with excessive food and alcohol. And even though I should know better, I spent my nonworking, non-dealing-with-Dad hours going to restaurants, drinking, crying, tossing and turning when I should have been sleeping, and generally feeling sorry for myself. It didn’t help that I was supposed to leave for a planned vacation I desperately wanted and needed but had to cancel in order to help my father as he transitions out of an out-patient program and moves from his current apartment to a place in my own neighborhood and meet my various deadlines. Moving day is this coming Sunday, and there’s a lot to do to get ready.  Continue Reading →

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Weigh In Wednesday

OK, first let me explain the absence of Meal Plan Monday this week. This is a heavy recipe testing week for the chef cookbook I’m working on. When that’s going on, I never really know what exactly I’ll be eating. I’m cooking multiple recipes every day and then eating some of what ever it is. This week’s chapter is almost entirely about grilled meats. Tons of meat. It’s true that I should be making salads to accompany the meat but unless it’s required by the recipe, forget it. I get too cooked out to cook extra stuff on top of the pounds and pounds of grilled meat jamming up my fridge. If you’ve ever worked on a cookbook, maybe you understand. Continue Reading →

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Weigh In Wednesday

163.2. That’s half a pound up from last Wednesday. I’m really not that upset about it because it was a really rough week, Dad-in-the-psychiatric-hospital-wise, and there were many things eaten on the go. Chipotle. Salad Works (where I ordered a BLT, WTF?). Rita’s. Continue Reading →

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