Weigh In Wednesday

Strangely, I weigh more than a pound less than last week. Today I’m at 163.4.

I say strangely because there was just a lot of food and booze in my life these past seven days. One afternoon, as I was typing up recipes from my testing notes, I heard our mailbox open and shut. I decided to go check the mail. But when I opened the door, a weird thing happened. I walked out of it. Before I really knew what I was doing I was searching for an ice cream sandwich.

You know the one: cardboardy wafers hugging a slab of cold white stuff that is more like frozen Cool Whip than real ice cream. As I neared the corner store where I bought this item, I thought to myself, if you must have a frozen dessert right now you could walk two more blocks and get amazing, fancy gelato made from local ingredients. And then I thought, “Nah.”

I peeled the paper wrapper off and bit into its ersatz vanilla and chocolate sweetness. I did not even glance at the ingredients list or nutrition label. When I finished eating it, I knew it wasn’t good, but it was exactly what I wanted. Later that day, Dan heard a podcast on the topic of “Introduction to Decision Fatigue Related Eating” and mentioned that he thought that’s what my problem has been. I can’t tell you. 

I think the one saving grace is that, meal-wise, I’ve eaten almost nothing but Middle Eastern style salads for the past week. Clearly, this is my favorite chapter of the Zahav cookbook project to date.

This weekend is my Dad’s big moving day. Soon, I’ll file that last chapter for the book. The fall issue of Edible Philly is off to the print in a couple weeks. Maybe by the middle of August things will settle down a bit and I’ll feel more normal?



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  1. KitschenBitsch August 4, 2014 at 11:16 pm #

    Sometimes there is nothing better than feeding the craving. I find that if I don’t, I end up eating 20 other things and a zillion more calories than if I had just fed the damn craving. Granted, this has also led to some curious food choices in the last week, but ah well.

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