Meal Plan Monday

I really picked a weird time to get back to blogging. My Dad is still in the hospital, which has meant frequent 2-hour round trips to the hospital to see him. Last week’s meal plan wasn’t followed that well. There were numerous meals eaten on the run. It’s tough to cook when you are feeling emotionally drained. Hopefully we’ll turn the corner here soon.

Salad and Potatoes

I know a lot of people find this weird, but salad and roasted potato wedges with some homemade mayo is really one of our favorite meals. This time of year, when the lettuce from farmers’ markets is so great, it’s especially wonderful.

Burgers and side salad

This I planned as a quick, comfort food (but not as bad as restaurant food) meal. The burgers will be made from grass fed beef. Usually I serve them on these sprouted whole wheat English muffins, but today I picked up potato rolls. Not healthy, but really good.


Comforting, and pretty easy since we’ve got basically all the elements portioned and frozen.

Chicken ricotta meatballs and zoodles

These meatballs are frozen, too.


I know there’s going to be at least one day that the dinner I planned doesn’t end up happening. So I’m leaving a wild card in the mix. Hopefully there will be only one wild card this week.

Share your meal plan if you’ve got one!

2 Responses to Meal Plan Monday

  1. Missy July 8, 2014 at 3:26 pm #

    I’m eating out every day this week except yesterday. Boss in town for dinner, two work events, friend in from New York, trip to Annapolis Saturday. It’s not ideal, particularly with a CSA week of veggies in the crisper. Hoping my husband eats at least some veggies this week, but basically all I’m doing is fashioning lunches (and last night’s dinner) from BBQ leftovers and the CSA share. That has added up to:

    Cheesy Rice with Sauteed Veggies and Diced Leftover Peruvian Chicken
    Banh Mi Salad
    Chili over Spaghetti (leftover chili from the BBQ’s chili half smokes)

    And I’ll probably end up making sauerkraut so that the CSA cabbage lasts into next week.

    • joymanning July 9, 2014 at 6:44 pm #

      Ha. If I left my husband with a crisper full of veggies there’d be no hope he’d eat any. Your week of eating sounds both fun and intense! I wish I could make sauerkraut. That’s one of my favorite ways to eat cabbage.

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