Weigh-In Wednesday

So, on Wednesdays I’m planning to blog my weight. This week, it’s 163.3–that’s seven tenths of a pound less than what I weighed last Wednesday. Not exactly reality show territory but pretty great for actual reality, especially when that reality involves recipe testing one’s way through a dessert chapter. I have just handful of desserts left to go and hopefully I’ll have all the highest calorie recipes in my rear view mirror at last.

I’m strongly considering going to a restaurant tonight for the first time in two and a half weeks. I spent all day at the hospital with my father, who checked into the emergency room this morning with what turned out to be something very minor. The hospital decided to keep him overnight for observation, though.

And in the process of me trying to explain to the staff that my Dad has a history of substance abuse I learned that he currently has a prescription for the very substance my sister and I went through the excruciating process of helping him detox, rehab, and recover from several years ago. I confronted him about it, which went badly, and now I’m feeling pretty drained. I definitely don’t feel like whipping up a healthy meal right now. Frankly I feel like at least one stiff drink.


But instead of drinking, I took a hot shower to wash the hospital yuck and the general yuck of the day off me. And then I figured I’d blog since I want to inaugurate “Weigh-in Wednesday”.  (I’m also planning to kick off “Meal Plan Monday” next week.) And now I think I’m going to pick a restaurant and make a reservation. One night out in two weeks seems pretty reasonable to me.

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  1. bethh June 25, 2014 at 6:42 pm #

    YUK. That sounds like a terrible, awful, no-good day. Yes, do something nice for yourself and have some professionally-prepared food!

    I look forward to meal-plan Monday. I don’t plan ahead and sometimes wind up eating super random things. Fortunately I’m highly leftover-tolerant – one of my tricks the last few months is to make a quiche and then eat it every day for a week, or I’ll buy one of those roasted chickens and work on it for 5 for 6 meals. I swear I’m feral in the kitchen some days!

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